Each component of systemic racism needs its own set of solutions in order to effectively make change.  In this particular situation, 64 solutions are needed to solve 8 problems.  That's 8 solutions for each problem.  However, there is a component of systemic racism that needs to be the primary focus.  This is the component that affects everyone (not just people of color).  After much research, climate change was chosen to be the 8th and final component.  This complexity requires a 3D solving process.  We created a reward system that focuses on goals, betterment within the black community, success and excellence  




Although it got complicated, we were able to construct a solid plan to eliminate systemic racism in a positive way.  It may take some time, but if we all stick together and participate, we can all reach our goals relatively fast.  After a lot of research, climate change was chosen as the "catalyst" problem that most people, even non-supporters of the abolishment of systemic racism, would want to solve.  Below is a visual representation of a reward based system created to favor people of color.

GBSE Allocation.png




Wealth Gap Fixing.png