Our Priority

ZYroz INC (or ZYroz) is a civil rights organization dedicated to eradicating systemic racism, while also being committed to the war against climate change.  Some of our goals are below: 


...is to be a charitable eco-friendly multi-service organization that motivates people to fight systemic racism, while promoting diversity & inclusion and sustainable living.


...is to motivate people to be diverse and inclusive while fighting for social justice and sustainability.



...that everyone should be treated equal no matter the sexual orientation, race, ethnicity or gender.

...everyone should have access to general healthcare.

...in keeping our commitments.

...in addressing problems with a mindfulness approach.

Criminal Justice Reform 

  • Create opportunities and programs that influence and affect social change for the betterment of blacks and other minorities.

  • Safely and peacefully, we help mobilize and amplify national dialog around criminal justice and state sanctioned violence.

  • Serve as a resource to help organize and fight against the social injustice that black people, and communities of color, face every day.

  • Dissect the cultural norms and attitudes of people today so that we can effectively communicate on the importance of criminal justice reform and blacks in government positions.

  • Create opportunities for blacks to serve in state and government law enforcement.

Decreasing the Wealth Gap

  • Reinvest capital and funding into the areas of the black community that address different areas of systemic racism.

  • Indirectly motivate non-supporters to contribute to lowering the gap.

  • Provide assistance to other foundations that directly address multiple areas of systemic racism.

  • Create a pathway for Blacks and other communities of color to build generational wealth.

  • Serve as a resource for investments and retirement.

  • Assist in creating state and federal policies that help ensure generational wealth; such as baby bond.

  • Serve as a platform for artists to showcase their work in music, film and other forms of entertainment.

Decrease Housing Discrimination

  • Create opportunities that make affordable housing available to communities of color.

  • Create programs that provide funding and additional assistance to minorities who experience housing discrimination.

  • Help families who have been victims of forceful and violent evictions who have lived in their home for decades due to gentrification.

  • Help stop the closing of black owned businesses in major cities in an effort to keep black communities alive.  

  • Help decrease the police presence and the brutality they inflict in black neighborhoods in efforts to make it “safer.” 

  • Create initiatives to rapidly expand condominiums and apartments to people of color at affordable rates.

Greater Education

  • Create a platform where speakers can come and share their experiences to initiate dialogue for positive changes for the future.

  • Create a place for leaders within the black community to do research, teach, mentor, serve and provide social justice.

  • Create wealth building programs that is fun and simple, while learning at the same time. 

  • Serve as a educational resource for immigrants and help fight the anti-immigrant rhetoric that’s been in the media.

  • Inform and illuminate the nation's major public policy debates in order to improve the socioeconomic status of black communities.

  • Provide additional assistance to people of color who are underrepresented within their own communities.

  • Create special leadership programs for black youth.

Government Surveillance

  • Serve as a resource for social, political and economic impacts for environmental and energy policies that affect the black community.

  • Create opportunities for blacks and other minorities to have pathways to high-level positions in government.

  • Pioneer federal and state counter-surveillance initiatives to help law enforcement and other government officials be accountable for their actions against people of color.

Healthcare Response

  • Create partnerships with organizations that can assist with healthcare access to communities of color.

  • Serve as a resource for healthy living and exercise practices for our community.

  • Mobilize fundraising programs that will help alleviate some of financial burdens healthcare debt.

  • Seek funding organizations that support community healthcare programs and health education.

  • Crete a community of public support programs that are focused on bettering the lives of Blacks and other minorities.

  • Create a place where medical professionals can interact and work with each other to improve public health and health equity for people of color.

Employment Inequality

  • Serve as a resource for finding employment openings that follow equal opportunity or affirmative action (and the like) practices.

  • Provide assistance to help promote and advance black people in all professions.

  • Create more opportunities for women of color in all professions.

  • Serve as a special employment resource for black women, especially those who have been affected by poverty, homelessness and incarceration.

  • Create leadership programs that are geared towards people of color.

War on Climate Change

  • Help build a more sustainable and eco-friendly society by going "green" at every chance possible .

  • Create a platform where black geoscientists can collaborate with each other to create the new innovations that are going to fight the affects of climate change.

  • Provide assistance to communities of color that are homeless or live in poverty to help combat the negative effects of climate change.