To make it easier to pass out food to the hungry, we pull up to people in a drive-through manner.  We like to do it this way at night because it's safer and helps everyone follow social distancing guidelines. 


Unfortunately, every year the amount of homeless people increases.  Right before the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the US Department of Housing and Urban Development, Nevada had an estimated 7000+ residents on any given day experiencing homelessness.  Since the pandemic, that number has drastically increased.

On our runs out, we are able to feed about 100 people.  When we see others who are hungryon the side of the road, we would pull over and hand out food.  


According to the American Addiction Centers, although the rate of illicit drug use is higher among African Americans, statistics show that African Americans seek and receive specialty treatment for substance abuse problems at a higher rate than the rest of the population.


We went to an addiction center and asked what they needed.  They have a high rate of African Americans at this location and the only thing that they asked for was candy.  When newly sober people are coming off drugs, they have strong cravings.  Candy helps with the cravings and is often sold at rehab centers.  The problem is that many people live in poverty and can’t even afford to buy the candy.  In a sense, candy helps the transition to being sober easier.  


Because they asked for candy, we got them candy.