By now you already know what 64 categories you want to go into. I didn't put the climate change categories because there are probably over 1,000 of them. However, I do know what the other categories are.

For as fast as we need to everything to work, we can't do this alone. This is where you align yourself with other leaders who possess the particular skills that you need. They must possess hard skills to actually get the job done (experience), in addition to soft skills (intense passion and enthusiasm) for the cause. For this particular method to work as fast as I want it to, it would be prudent for me to get in touch with leaders who already have a following.

I did some research and made a list of over 100 different black organizations. The purpose of this is that they already have a following of hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people. This gives us chance to grow exponentially.

Also, it was about this time when I started building the content for this website. In order for this to work authentically, you have to do the research. As I'm learning about the different organizations, it helped me adjust some things that I wanted to do on my project. In a way, I sort of already indirectly collaborated with them. They helped me decided what to focus on when we build our project.

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