Updated: Aug 14, 2020

After I came up with the idea, I wanted to get a lot of people's thoughts about climate change. I had my team of employees gather information from our clients while completing services, and it was obvious that this was the best choice, which reasons why will unfold later on.


Depending on what your main characteristic is, your equation will end up differently. I wanted my main characteristic to be speed. I want this to happen as quickly as possible because, again, our lives are on the line. Therefore, I created a theorem based on some principles of the P vs NP problem in computer science.

P: Easy Problems

NP: Hard Complex Problems

P = NP implies that the hard problems have relatively solutions

Does P = NP?

If a solution to a problem can be verified in polynomial time (checking the answer fast), I always believed that it also be found in polynomial time (able to solve the problem relatively fast). All the answers to getting rid of systemic racism are known already. Because of this, I used principals based on the proofs I created when studying this phenomenon. In the end, the growth factor should be exponential.

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