501(c)3 Application Rush

Expediting a 501(c)3 application, so that donors can legally write off their donations for taxes, is not an easy task, but it is certainly doable. It all comes down to the examiner. The applicant must write a letter with the following information:

-The letter must be written or typed.

-The letter must be faxed to 855-204-6184, which is the IRS examiner’s review line.

-Next, you need to describe the asset or value. In our case, these are the donations that companies want to give us. For instance, one organization is willing to donate 5,000 protein bars, just as long as we were 501(c)3 certified. Add up all the donations that you would receive and explain in detail.

-The next section must give a deadline in which the donor will allocate the donations to someone else.

-Lastly, what type of impact will it have on your organization if you weren’t able to receive the funds.

If you just applied for this, the current wait time is for an approval is 180 days. That’s why you have to be convincing and you’ll only get one shot at it. I’m having one of the smartest people that I know review the letter with me. Our friendly competition on grammar made the whole process fly by. Anyway, if this succeeds, more donations will be flooding in.

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