Each component needs its own counter cell to neutralize the affect. This means that I would need at least 64 easy solutions for this to work (which is an easy task for me to do).

I came up with at least 64 components that can work together in synergy to help us achieve our goal.

There are highly complex blueprints for each of those, but I will release those later on when our campaign starts. Because of that, I will only list the categories and just assure that the result will be amazing and worth the wait.

There are only 7 listed because the synergist is going to be the primary focus.

Criminal Justice

-Government Positions

-Policy Makers

-Community Participation

-Help Services (like AA)

-Mental Health Services

-Non-lethal Self Defense



Government Surveillance





-Transparency on Statistics from Others (from pulling people over to killings)

-ZYroz Analysis of Statistics

-Laws on Counter Surveillance

-New Intake Systems


-Low Cost

-Universal Healthcare or Find One

-Fund for Paid Family Sick Leave

-Quality Care



-Let’s Help

-People of Color Treatment


-Referral Program

-Selling Goods and Services


-Job Creation for Minorities

-Post Jobs

-ZYroz Minimun Wage

-Reward System for Essential Jobs



-Systemic Racism 101

-Pipeline of Scholars of Color

-Research and Training Programs

-Translate Research into Policy Solutions


-Free Education

-Leadership Programs

-Learn Something New

Housing Discrimination

-Non-predatory Lending

-More Access to Credit

-Non-spatial Segregation

-Help the Homeless

-Paired Testing

-Affordable Housing (powered by incentives)


-Housing Rights

Wealth Gap

-Black Asset Building

-Investments (like baby bonds), Savings, Retirement


-Generational Wealth

-Residual Income

-Debt Reduction



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