71 More Days || Story Formulation

First make a list of all the things that typically bother when making your video. Afterwards, formulate your story around your list.

For example, I don’t like talking in different locations because I can never get the sound right, so I’m making the entire video with a voice over. Also, my attention span is short, so it would take a long time for me to get paragraphs the way that I want them. So, I broke up my story into sentences. I would record each sentence differently, giving them their own file. That way when editing, it will be easier for me to edit on sentence than a while paragraph. The trick is to learn how to make each sentence flow naturally. Lastly, I’m a laid back guy. So my video fits my personality. It’s more of a laid back tone.

One more thing worth mentioning. If you don’t have any friends available to help with footage, cutaways is your friend. You can find free video stock footage online to help tell your story. I took all the “easy” sentences and put myself in the video, but only writing in a journal. That way I could still keep my voiceover. The complicated cutaways, I just found stock footage that fit what I was saying.

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