I just got off the phone with my accountant and we created a budget. We need to cover dehydration by providing Gatorade or other isotonic beverages, and water. Granola bars will be provided for energy and hunger. Not all of the entertainment is going to be free and we need music; however, a different team will be in charge of this. Hats and small umbrellas are good for providing shade; so we want to make these available as well.

From the research that that I’ve done, this is the current items that fit within my current budget. If more donations come in, we can possibly afford more.

100 Umbrellas for Shade

100 Baseball Caps for Shade

290 Granola Bars for Energy and Hunger

320 Waters for Dehydration

120 Gatorades for Dehydration

500 Latex Gloves for PPE

2000 Surgical Masks for PPE

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