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It’s about a week and a half until our Walk to the Polls event. This is the optimal time to reconfirm with family, friends and colleagues about who’s going to the event. Remember, everyone is going to look to you for direction. If you talked friends and family about the event once or twice, chances are they are waiting for you for further instruction. There are many out there who can take it upon themselves to do the work on their own, but the majority of the time some degree of micromanagement comes into play. I found that just having regular conversations is the most effective on getting commitments.

In addition, this is the time to tell EVERYONE about the event. Call up your doctor, psychiatrist, coach, trainer, etc., in any industry that you have a good relationship with. Tell them about the event and ask them to tell all their customers and clients. I have gotten commitments from my doctor and my trainer that they are willing to tell all their clients until event day, October 18, 2020. Everyone is so fed up with what’s going on in the country that they are willing to do anything to make change happen

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