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There are three areas that I know of that the bus system is lacking. This includes neighborhoods in the northwest, north, and east Las Vegas. These areas are densely populated with little to no transit system.

I cross referenced the map of the city with the Census Bureau’s ranking of poverty levels. Many of the zip codes of high poverty matched up with the many locations with no transit. Depending on volunteer turnout, we may have one, two or three drivers. Some of these areas have a little bit more transit than the others, but all are lacking. If it’s just one person driving, then we would focus in the northwest area. The next place would be east Las Vegas. Lastly, North Las Vegas would be the third are bus people.

I verified this with a taxi and bus driver colleague of mine just to make sure.

Aeas around the M Resort, Blue Diamond Road, and master plan communities like Mountains Edge, Providence, Sky Cannon and Cliff Shadows all completely lack even basic transit service; but those areas doesn’t need much help. Many of them have cars and do not rely on the transit system.

I drove around each area to confirm my research. As a result of my adventure, I’ve decided focus on area 1.

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