Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Our main priority is to get rid of systemic racism. Therefore, we need to break it down to its components.

When I broke down systemic racism into its components, I stopped at 7. That's because with 8 components, I can use principles that I derived from Euler's formula. The last component has be chosen very carefully. This will be the driving force for the whole project. I'll explain why a little later. I refer to it as a synergist.

With Euler's formula (written out for a tesseract), it would look something like this.

V - E + F - C = 0

V = Number of Vertices

E = Number of Edges

F = Number of Faces

C = Number of (3-Dimensional) Cells

In this equation, the number of 3D cells would be the number of components in systemic racism.


V = 16

E = 32

F = 24 2D Squares

C = 8 3D Cubes

16 - 32 + 24 - 8 = 0

Therefore, if I can formulate systemic racism into a 3D cube, I know how to make it reach 0.


A synergist used in this sense is going to be a component (or problem) to put into the cube (1 Cell). This has to be a problem that affects everyone, not just to communities of color. Even if that person is a racist, I still want them to participate in this because not only would it benefit them, but it's also for a good cause. Proceeds gained would still be donated to our vetted organizations.

I already wanted to make an organization that focused on the problems of climate change. Immediately, I knew that had to be the synergist. Unfortunately, due to systemic racism, climate change disproportionally affects communities of color; especially places like here in Las Vegas. Extreme heat can be deadly for anyone, but people living on the streets without access to air conditioning or cool drinking water are particularly susceptible to heat stress and even heat stroke. FYI, African Americans make up more than 40% of the homeless population, but represent only 13 percent of the general population).

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