Marketing Strategy

I like to use the bottom’s up marketing strategy that can be used for any business. If you’re unfamiliar with it, it’s ok. It essentially means I like to go after the market that will easily say “yes” to whatever I’m doing. They may believe in the cause, or they just may believe in me. This could be friends, family colleagues, or people met through networking. Either way, this is my YES team. I could go after a larger market, but the larger crowd will bring more rejection. You will find a lot of rejection at first if you don’t find your base and grow organically. Find the people that doesn’t need convincing.

A good way to do this is to go to social media avenues that have a built in community, such as Facebook, LinkedIn and even reddit. Once I find a built in community that has my target audience, my base will grow and I can form more of a niche market. People will end up coming to us on their own. Of course you want to diversify and spread out your message to wherever eventually, but it’s good to start out with communities to build a following.

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