Publicity is essential in order for a movement to succeed. At this point, it would be ideal to partner with a publicist, especially since there is a time constraint. Our “Walk to the Polls” event is Sunday October 18th, and we want as many people to go to that as possible. If you find the right person with the same drive and passion, it will be easier to partner with. Otherwise, this may be an expense worth taking. Good thing for us, we found such a person.

So when is a good time to actually partner with a publicist? There are a few key essential milestones that needs to be done in order for the publicist to gain the most reach. For instance, whatever you need publicity for, the event has to be planned and organized (essentially like a finished product or prototype). Also, we needed to create enough buzz on our own in oder to build up excitement in order for people to be interested in our event. By creating your own buzz, you will organically network with the right people, which can make any movement grow exponentially. Just by reaching out to our own friends and family, we were able to get commitments of up to about 300 people. Now imagine what can happen if it was actually publicized.

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