Recon Results

Over the weekend, I did some recon and got some good intel. No matter what type of event you’re doing, you have to check out the venue first. I went to different polling locations. The most populated zip codes were cross referenced with poverty levels, and just checking out some locations shows the potential problems that can occur. For instance, these places are the most populated, but there are few polling stations. The polling stations that are on the approved list becomes an issue when the lines hits outside. Some of these places have no shade at all.

It was actually a little cool outside, but the sun’s rays were so strong that it began to burn my face (even with sunscreen). I personally found this to be one of the most critical problems.

Just looking at the locations changed our plan because we can think of ways to help people now. It would be ridiculous to give everyone an umbrella. What makes better sense is to have some type of large open tent that provides shade for a large area. Things like this are good, especially if we have to come out of pocket on anything. If a tent is up, people may be less thirsty or less tired.

Now that we did some recon, it’s time to redo our “Epiquation”. We need to make it simpler and more effective.

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