We figured out a way to motivate people into living sustainably and to fight systemic racism by incentivizing tasks. Incentives can be virtual or tangible.  Furthermore, This app addresses the wealth gap by creating a pathway to generational wealth and passive income.  This app also has e-commerce functions for entrepreneurs. 


Record Yourself in the Fight for Social Justice

There are endless things you can record yourself doing to fight for social justice.  If you feed the homeless, then you’re tackling poverty and economic injustice.  Reading to the elderly tackles agism and the feeling of them not being a burden.  If members are unsure what types of things to upload, we will also provide a comprehensive list of examples and quests.


Upload Video for Engagement

Next you will upload the video for people to engage with.  The more meaningful, creative, entertaining, etc., the video is, the more engagement it will get.  Instead of the member uploading a video of their own interpretation of a social justice act, they will have the option to complete a quest (or a task) that us as an organization makes up.


Receive Rewards based on Engagement

After you upload the video, all you have to do is sit back and get rewarded.  Rewards can be virtual or tangible, and can include cash, products, services, discounts, points, gift cards, gift packages, etc.  The more engagement your videos make, the more points and recognition you earn.

501c3 App Revenue and Reparations

ZYroz INC is a 501c3 certified organization, so we want to use the revenue gained from the app and invest it in other nonprofits.  These organizations will have similar values to us and is fighting against different components of systemic racism.  Also, revenue from the app will be used to get prizes and rewards for members.  Lastly, we are forming our own programs for education, wealth building and a reparations program (where we honor the descendants of African American slaves).


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