We figured out a way to decrease systemic racism through a series of apps that we're building.  This system is very complex and requires additional work. However, it will succeed if we all work together. The first app will address the wealth gap, employment opportunities, eduction, among a few others. From there, we created an award system built around it for achievement and participation with our tasks. 


The philosophy behind the ZYroz Project is derived from applied mathematics.  Our prime objective being to eradicate systemic racism, while also saving the planet.  Systemic racism comes from an institutionally perpetuated system of exploitation and oppression between continents, nations and people of color by white people (and the nations of the European continent).  The purpose of this is to maintain and defend their system of wealth, power and privilege.  However, there is a better way to acquire this.  They created a complex framework comprised of different components working together in synergy to achieve its direct and hidden agendas (to sustain and increase the negative impacts of race based laws, policies and practices on minorities).  These components are the systems in which society functions (economic system, education system, healthcare system, criminal justice system, etc.). 


As of this moment, the ZYroz Project just became systemic racism’s worst nightmare.  We created our own framework that’s comprised of the same components, but instead they work in synergy to achieve our direct and hidden agendas (to reduce and abolish the negative impacts of race based laws, policies and practices).  We want to show that everyone that they can essentially gain the same wealth, power and privilege without oppressing others.  


Black women die 3 times more often given birth compared to white women.

Black Men are 2.5 times more likely to be killed by the police than white men.

Blacks are dying at disproportionate rates from COVID-19 .

Black poverty rate is more than double of the white poverty rate.

Sources: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention | Census Bureau | Bureau of Justice Statistics


With a framework this complex, our project needs to be constructed in segments for quality, accuracy and efficiency.  The segments can be found in Step 3.  Many of the segments doesn't have to be done in any particular order.   


We created the blueprints for three different applications, with even one appealing to non-supporters.  Ultimately, every time the app is used and a task is completed, the user will be able to choose a reward.  The rewards and opportunities that these apps provide will be significant; giving the best advantages to black people and other communities of color.  Also, the ZYroz Project is set up to receive proceeds from various sources; which will be reinvested into the black community through different methods.  We are currently researching different organizations, charities and non-profits that share similar values and goals.  We want to reinvest the proceeds gained from premium products & services, as well as donations received. These organizations have followings that will help spread awareness.

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Simply, when resources are plentiful, then there tends to be peace.  However, when resources are taken away from a group, aggression can build and creates hostility when fighting.  The PROJECT-Zs  approach to get rid of the hostility component is by providing enough resources for all parties.  In order for it to go away, we have to benefit the majority, but benefit the people of color more.




Once endorsed by at least 64 noteworthy organizations that tackle at least two components of systemic racism, the ZYroz Project campaign will launch.  We are constructing a strong foundation by building partnerships and strategic alliances with these organizations so we can achieve our goal at an exponential rate.