JJ Howard’s Epiquation of Harmonized Entropy, (or Epiquation) is a theorem that demonstrates how to deconstruct complex systems that are convoluted and intertwined with each other.  Once deconstructed, the theorem builds counter-systems that work with each other to negate the original complex system.   He termed it Epiquation because if the problem was calculated into a 3D shape, the solutions to the equation would appear to come from above, below, next to, as well as other multiple directions (-epi). NERD ALERT!



Using applied mathematics, we were able to figure out how to help people to vote on election day.  We took the idea of someone wanting to vote but is unable to for whatever reason.  Those reasons are what we are going to address, which will allow us to provide multiple solutions to current problems.  In the end, voter turnout will definitely be higher.

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